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environmental activists are calling for “a peaceful, desirable … and fast city”

by drbyos

They are asking for something concrete. Pedestrian streets, cycle lanes, relay car parks, a tram-train network, facilities… From now on. “Because there is an urgent need to act and cities have their part to do to respect the Paris agreement: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and fight against climate change. 2021 is a decisive year. Achieving goals depends on decisions made today. “

Four environmental activists made an appointment this Monday morning in the courtyard of the Manufacture: Eric Lapointe and Cynthia from Greenpeace Nancy , Hadrien Fournet for Eden and the Common good , André Vaxelaire from UP2V , the Popular University of Vandeuvre, wish to talk about mobility.

Because if they are delighted that the metropolis and the southern basin of the department are seizing the issue of mobility with the Assises organized from April 27 to July 3 to which they are invited, all fear that the decisions taken by the end of the year will not be ambitious enough. That’s why they appeal. Co-signed, for the moment, by 13 associations.

Reduce road traffic, breathe healthy air …

“We regret that no objective has been announced, especially that of decarbonization, with the reduction of road traffic,” they explain. We also expect a better quality of life for all, with more road safety, breathe healthy air, limit noise pollution, promote physical exercise, develop meeting spaces, respect biodiversity … The principle of the city where it is possible to find everything close to home, a 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike ride. It is a considerable challenge which calls for courage. “

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The Assises de la Mobilité, organized by the Metropolis, offer video debates with elected officials and experts from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in order to establish a “desirable future” with “cleaner and more fluid mobility. “.

Nine meetings are planned until the end of June around themes such as “the city of the night and the weekend”, “the city of encounters”, “the city friendly to all generations”, etc.

” There is no more time to lose “

“Only sympathetic themes but far removed from the immediate issues,” annoys André Vaxelaire. We must all be associated to take up this beautiful challenge of mobility, but who knows that the population can submit their ideas? Who knows that a day is for the general public? “

Hadrien Fournet continues: “We want a peaceful, desirable city, quickly. There is no more time to lose. The car, we are not to leave the city but to see what to do without it ”.

Eric Lapointe agrees: “What alternatives to consider to reduce the number of cars… Global warming is a reality, which calls for strong and urgent public policies. There is a desire for change in the Metropolis, so we have to go. “

Laurence Wieser: “I’m waiting for the activists to bring us solutions”

In the Metropolis, the delegate for active mobility Laurence Wieser is surprised that “the sincere approach of the mobility plan is poorly understood by the activists”: “The political will is nevertheless there, the Assises de la Mobilité will lead to concrete objectives on the place of the pedestrian, the bicycle, the car, how we go to school, to sport… ”, details the elected official. Which announces, for example, the creation of 200 km of secure cycle paths by the end of the mandate and the sustainability of the provisional tracks tested during confinement, such as rue Jeanne-d’Arc or avenue de la Liberation. “I am waiting for these activists to bring us solutions to build things together, their word counts. We need them, I cannot imagine a Metropolis without associations, traders, citizens. And I hope that together we will achieve something good. The file of the last Metropoly of April, the magazine of the Metropolis distributed in the mailboxes, is devoted to mobilities. It is reminded that each citizen can express himself, share his ideas and discuss a digital platform or by email before a debate at the end of June to “build together a more peaceful and ecological city”.

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