Entire region : New junior staff at the main customs office in Lörrach – start a career at customs now

On August 1st, 46 men and women started working at the main customs office in Lörrach and took their oath of office. 32 start with the two-year, dual-structured vocational training in the middle service, fourteen have started the career of the higher service, the three-year dual study.

“You may not all be fully committing yourself today, but out of conviction to an employer who, I can promise you, deserves your trust,” said Matthias Heuser, Head of the Main Customs Office in Lörrach, in his welcoming speech to the future colleagues and colleagues. “They have decided in favor of us and a two-year vocational training course or a three-year course of study, for a high level of training, for a secure job, for professional diversity that I believe no other administration offers, for a responsible job, for good earning potential and for an employer who will always accommodate you as far as possible in terms of the compatibility of work and private requirements.”

Theory and practice alternate in training and studies and build on each other. The theoretical parts of the training for the middle service are taught at the customs training center in Sigmaringen, the junior employees for the higher service complete the theoretical part of the course at the Federal University in Münster/Westphalia. In the practical phases, all junior staff finally go through the various areas of responsibility of the main customs office in Lörrach at its locations in the district, which spans the districts of Lörrach, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Emmendingen, the urban district of Freiburg and the Ortenau district.

Customs, as the security and financial authority, basically takes on all of its junior staff after they have passed their career exams and will continue to offer more training and study places for a secure future with a wide range of tasks in a large federal administration in the coming years.

Interested parties can apply to the main customs office in Lörrach until September 15, 2022 for a position on August 1, 2023 (customs) or October 1 (administrative IT).

Detailed information on application, employment, training and studies at customs can be found at www.zoll-karriere.de or www.zoll.de (“Karriere”) or directly from the main customs office in Lörrach.

(Press release: Main Customs Office Lörrach, August 5th, 2022)

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