Entire region: From December 12th: New timetable for buses and trains in the Freiburg regional transport network – offer in rural areas will be expanded

The timetable for the year 2022 in the Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg (RVF) will come into force on December 12th. After mostly major construction measures in the course of the expansion project Breisgau-S-Bahn-2020 as well as the advancing urban railway expansion shaped the timetables in the past few years, this year’s timetable change includes relatively few changes.

More offers in rural areas:
In future, Lenzkirch will be accessible by buses every hour of the week until midnight. On weekends there are also earlier connections between Lenzkirch and Neustadt than before. The municipality of Biederbach in the Emmendingen district also receives an hourly service every weekday.
Additional locations are to receive an offer at least every hour in the course of 2022. Similar expansions are to be carried out successively in the entire RVF network area, based on the future local transport plan.

City of Müllheim:
In addition to line 111, the Heliosklinik in Müllheim will in future also be connected by line 261 to the Müllheim train station and to and from Sulzburg and Heitersheim. For better orientation, the “Verkehrsamt” stop will be given two new names in the future. The two stopping positions in Werderstraße – the lines 111, 261 and 245 stop here – will be renamed “Markgräfler Platz”. The two southern stopping positions – at these stops the line 264 – are named “Ostliche Allee”.

City of Freiburg – Stadtbahn Waldkircher Strasse:
The construction work to relocate the tram route from Komturstrasse to Waldkircher Strasse is progressing rapidly, so that the rail connection to the existing tram network is expected to take place from April 2022. For this, operations on lines 2 and 4 must be interrupted; a rail replacement service will be required in the north of Freiburg until the end of the summer holidays. Immediately afterwards, sewer works and works for the cycle priority route “FR2” will be carried out in Friedhofstrasse, which means that tram line 2 will not be able to run in its northern section until mid-2023 and will be replaced by buses. Depending on the progress of construction, there may also be changes and diversions of the regional bus routes leading from the north to Freiburg.

Rhine Valley Railway:
The regional train concept between Offenburg and Basel that went into operation in June 2020 remains basically unchanged. What is new is that there will now be connections from Mulhouse or Münstertal to Freiburg Hbf and back on Sundays – but not on public holidays. This is possible because an ICE that has been running in this time slot does not run on Sundays in the new timetable and thus creates space for local transport.

The S2 timetable, which was introduced on November 14, remains basically unchanged. Only the journey at 5:10 p.m. from Freiburg Hbf will then be extended to Elzach, for which the journey at 2:05 p.m. from Freiburg Hbf will end in Bleibach. The regional bus routes coordinated with the S-Bahn timetable are again extensively adjusted in their respective departure times; The experiences and feedback from the first four weeks after the rear Elz Valley Railway went into operation and, as far as possible, the concerns of the local schools were incorporated into the planning.

Timetables 2022 – always up-to-date in the app:
Those interested can find their current timetable in the RVF and VAG apps: FahrPlan + and VAGmobil. The RVF website at www.rvf.de also provides up-to-date online timetable information. This also comes with a new design and an improved search function. All new timetables can be downloaded from the timetable search at www.rvf.de/fahrplaene.

For those who prefer to have a printed timetable in their hands, the RVF publishes ten regional timetable booklets. Passengers can thus find all connections in their traffic area at a glance. Customers will shortly receive the new regional timetable booklets from the RVF transport companies. They replace the previous “thicker” timetable books as well as the small folding timetable maps.

(Press information: Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg GmbH, December 8th, 2021)

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