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This sitcom is a story about “Love” (played by Earth-Thanakrit) and “Diao” (played by Win-Songsin), who are not destined to meet at first sight. But destiny brought him to the two of them to be related as the boss and his subordinates. In addition, he is also a renter with a house renter separately, which throughout the 15 episodes that have already ended. In each episode, there will be a cuteness in the relationship of love with only one who was originally a rival. eventually became a lover Which Pregpan likes to develop the relationship of these two characters very much. The plot is laid out for both parties to see each other’s advantages until it develops into preferences and love in the end.

Preongphan felt that the 15 episodes of this show were a bit too small. until I want to cheer for a season 2 to follow It depends on the channel anyway. how much to be kind to people watching like us Because personally, I think that all the clues can still be used to make a lot of season 2, such as the prophecy of the one true mate (even though they know who he is. na) etc.

Do you know who is single 2022

The variety show Kuboon Channel One has been around for many years since 2016 until now in the version. “Do you know who is single 2022” with the concept of single women who will choose a partner on the list But choosing a partner is not as easy as you think. Because single women have to decide well whether the person who chooses them will be “single men, owning or not looking at women”, along with having a guest guru who will encourage and give advice to single women in their mission. Successfully found a bachelor

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This show is a program that Phongphan has been following for many years. I like it very much becauseThis is a show that you can watch with your family together. and can compete with family members while following the screen together “Who will a single woman choose? Who should be the owner or not looking at Ying” makes watching the program and winning together with the family through that screen. There are many times more taste than the one watching it. Because each round that was about to answer what status the young man who was eliminated had him The family cheered for each other like a boxing match or an Olympic sport.

Another color of the program that Pregpan likes very much is “Guest Guru”. Yes, because each guru will rotate differently each week. The chemistry and the fun will be different. But if they come together I can guarantee that I’ll laugh at the jaw dropping for sure, and if any week single women can’t choose a partner successfully. The guest guru must be punished in a cute manner, something that is very funny.

Do you know who is single?Do you know who is single?

KinnPorsche The Series

Although it is a work of Be on Cloud camp, but it comes to show every Saturday night at 11 PM on Channel One, making every Saturday night Pregpan has to close his eyes and wait to watch KinnPorsche the Series before collecting the full version as Uncut. Continue at iQiYi. If anyone follows the article of TrueID Intrend that Pregpan wrote It can be seen that Preongphan writes a lot of articles about KinnPorsche the Series, in part because of his love for the series.This series has changed the image of the Y series standard to a new level. with productions that are very invested and magnificent Characters and chapters with real humanity. And it’s also a series that is full of flavor, both in terms of humor, action, complexity, hidden conditions. and romance Therefore, it is another series that Preongphan would like to recommend to friends to try.

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KinnPorsche the Series

All these examples are the series and variety of Channel One that Pregpan has been following in the past. I have to admit that the channel has really selected the program to cover people of all ages if friends want to try to follow the series. or the variety that Pregpan recommended above Don’t forget to press to open Channel One 31. May your friends have fun moments in watching your favorite series, sitcoms or variety shows together.

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