Enhance your photos and videos with these six facts

Photos or videos type ‘selfie’ are a fundamental trend for lovers of social networks. The digital world demands that our selfies be unique and unmatched.

Alone or with friends, a selfie goes beyond showing the world where we are; but the firm purpose is to immortalize everything we live, feel and experience in those splendid landscapes or historical monuments, the exquisite dishes in our favorite restaurant or simply a meeting with friends or family.

Today, it is not only important that our Smartphone has a large rear camera, but also that it has a front camera with high resolution and with which we can dazzle in our photos and videos. For this reason, realme, the fastest growing brand of smartphones and gadgets in the world and with a presence in the national market, has launched the realme 8 5G in the country: a mid-range Smartphone with 5G technology that has a 16-inch front camera. megapixels, making it the best option on the market for its quality, design and price with which you can take the best photos. The team can find you in the main retails from S / 999.00 soles.

But, if you are tired of always doing the same thing with your smartphone or want to surprise with some selfies that have the level of a professional, we bring you some tips from the brand for you to apply:

  1. Prioritize natural light over artificial light. If you want your photos or videos to have that special touch, natural light will be your best ally. In addition, it is important that you avoid direct light so you can opt for side lighting. Be careful with the backlight and the most important thing is that you avoid using the flash.
  2. Pick a good time and place. If you want your selfies to have a Hollywood star touch, we recommend that you choose the sunset for a golden hue or for a blue hue, you can do it after the sun sets. You will see how the contrast you generate will be enviable. In case it is a self-recording video, you must bear in mind that the background must be neutral so that it does not distract the viewer’s attention when they see the final result in a social network.
  3. Avoid glare on your face. The most common mistake we make when taking a selfie or recording a video is the glow on our face. Therefore, it is very important that you always carry a tissue or tissue so that you can dry your face before clicking on that camera.
  4. Fixed plane. Remember that for a selfie it is important that the camera does not move, so you will get a self-portrait ready to share over networks. In case it is a video, it is recommended that you use a tripod or a stable support to ensure that the recording is correct.
  5. Smartphone position. Depending on the purpose of your video, you will record it horizontally or vertically. As a general rule, the horizontal form is used to record / view cinema, television, YouTube, among other platforms. The vertical format is practically reserved for some messaging applications or for “stories”.
  6. Reinforce your strong points and hide the weak ones. We all have some part of our body or – specifically in our face – that we like the most and others that we do not. So, when taking your selfie you can reinforce the most positive one like your lips or eyes, for example. Changing your look is also an option.

How to get a 5G device with the cheapest price on the market?

With the aim of democratizing technology for all Peruvian users, the realme 8 5G arrived in Peru, a model that stands out for its quality, design and price. The smartphone has a 48-megapixel f / 1.8 triple rear camera with an f / 2.4 macro lens and an f / 2.4 monochrome camera. In addition, with the realme 8 5G you can record videos in HD.

This device has a 65 ” FULL HD + screen at 2,400 x 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 90hz so that you can enjoy not only your images, but also your videos in their maximum splendor. Additionally, it has a RAM memory of 4G and a storage of 128 GB that can be expanded with an external memory of 1 TB where you can save all the photos you have without fear of running out of space.

Follow the brand on its website and on its official networks in Peru:
Web: www.realme.com/pe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Peru.realme

IG: https://www.instagram.com/perurealme/


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