England | “I don’t understand why Madrid don’t adore Bale”

Although the criticisms that Gareth Bale has received during his journey as a Real Madrid footballer are counted in abundance, when opinions regarding the Welsh international arrive from the British Isles the tone changes. Injuries, lack of continuity and, at times, little commitment on the part of Bale with the Whites have weighed down his time at the Santiago Bernabéu. Even so, there are those who defend Real Madrid’s ’11’ as “one of the best British footballers of all time”. Former English footballers Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Micah Richards spoke on the podcast Match of the Day from BBC on the figure of Gareth Bale in Real Madrid.

Idol in England, defenestrated in Spain. To Lineker’s words that it did not seem right that “he is sitting on the bench with the career he has had,” was added an even more forceful phrase from the former Newcastle striker. “I cannot understand how he is not adored at Real Madrid after the career he has had there”Alan Shearer said. The captain of the Welsh team has scored 106 goals and distributed 68 assists in the 254 games that he has worn in the white jersey. To this are added the 4 Champions League, 2 league championships, 1 Copa del Rey, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 3 European Super Cups and 4 Little World Cups that he won with Real Madrid. Figures and achievements that, for the British, should be reasons enough for Bale to be idolized by the Madrid fans.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

That is why the signing of Gareth Bale (on loan) to Tottenham during the 2020/2021 season aroused enormous illusion in the Spurs fans. “He loves football and he just wants to be calm and do his thing … I think if he were English he would get more love”said Micah Richards. However, the transfer of the Welshman did not go as expected. Although he ended up scoring a total of 16 goals in all competitions for the London team, Bale was only a starter in 19 of 34 games he played for Tottenham. And it is that Shearer himself says he has the feeling that “José (Mourinho) never wanted it”. The Portuguese was Bale’s coach during his return to Tottenham until he was sacked in April, a few weeks before the season ended.


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