Endocrinologist told how to choose and take vitamin D correctly

And what minerals does it best combine with?

Vitamin D is of particular importance to the human body. It makes the bones of a person stronger, preventing the development of osteoporosis. Plus, this vitamin boosts immunity and literally improves mood. If a person is haunted by chronic fatigue, apathy, unwillingness to do anything, he is most likely to be deficient in vitamin D.

It is quite difficult to make up for its lack from food; a variety of additives come to the rescue, which are widely represented on the shelves of pharmacies. However, not everyone understands which drug is right for them.

Endocrinologist, nutritionist and nutritionist Pavel Siluyanov volunteered to help them. He posted on his TikTok account video, in which he spoke in detail about vitamin D. The specialist noted that, as a rule, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are on sale, in his review he considered the latter.

Vitamin D3 itself is found in two types: one is made from animal raw materials, the second – from plant materials.

“Vegetable exclusively for vegans, which is why it is so expensive. Do not overpay, take vitamin D3 of animal origin ”, the doctor advised.

The expert also recommended purchasing supplements in the form of softgel capsules, in which the vitamin is in an oil environment. In this case, it is better absorbed by the body.

As for the reception, it is better to do it with food, and, oddly enough, it should be greasy. This also improves the assimilation process.

The following minerals also have a beneficial effect on the absorption of vitamin D3: calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, boron. You can take these substances as part of a mineral complex, or simply by consuming more vegetables.

“Vitamin K2 can also be taken with vitamin D – they are best friends,” added Siluyanov.

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