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Emre Girkin is an e-commerce expert and managing director of Ecomunlimited GmbH. He knows the great advantages of influencer marketing and below gives four tips that companies can use to position themselves successfully in this area.

Platforms like Instagram and Co. not only enjoy great social popularity, they have also created a whole new sales channel: influencer marketing. Social media users present products on their account and advertise them in their own community – the more followers, the greater the reach. For companies, this represents an authentic and lucrative advertising measure. However, so far only very few have used this method. “Many people don’t see what great potential there is in influencer marketing and what you can achieve with it,” says e-commerce expert Emre Girkin. Together with his business partner Can Özkan, he runs Ecomunlimited GmbH, which specializes in supporting online shop operators in the area of ​​influencer marketing.

In addition to running their own online shops, the experts are also active in coaching. They pass on their knowledge to others in online trading. Ecomunlimited GmbH works with up to 100 influencers a month and has managed to scale the whole thing. In her coaching, customers can learn how to set up an influencer marketing campaign and thereby generate long-term success. “In addition to increasing sales, companies also benefit from content in the form of advertising videos through influencer marketing, which they can use for their ads, for example,” explains Emre Girkin. In addition, the large amount of new customer data makes it possible to place even better advertising. In this article, e-commerce expert Emre Girkin shares four valuable tips for getting started with successful influencer marketing.

1. The right platform

At the beginning it is important to choose the right platform for you to start with influencer marketing. For starters, very good sales can be achieved via Instagram and TikTok. Instagram in particular offers very precise key figures – there it is easy to assess which influencers can achieve which successes. TikTok is not quite as easy to measure, but it is cheaper. Here you have the chance to book large influencers comparatively cheaply.

2. The right influencers

Of course, the choice of influencers is also crucial. After all, these must fit the product and the target group for the campaign to be successful. It is therefore important to think carefully in advance who you want to reach and with whom this is best possible. For example, if you want to sell a modern sports product, you should choose young, sporty influencers who have a young and sports-loving community.

3. Payment

Ecomunlimited GmbH works with a mix of influencers of all sizes. As a rule, 30 percent are booked as large influencers with more than 100,000 followers and 70 percent as micro-influencers. The micro-influencers receive the product to be advertised free of charge and sometimes also a small fee of up to 100 euros. The more reach an influencer has, the higher his fee will be. “In our coaching sessions, the participants learn what to look out for and which key figures are important in order to determine which remuneration can and should be paid to which influencer,” says Emre Girkin.

4. Find influencers

If you know your strategy and target group, you need to find the right influencers. To do this, you search on the appropriate platforms and write to several people every day. For starters, it’s best to start small. Micro-influencers can be used efficiently and are a comparatively cheap advertising measure. It is important that they are active and have at least 10,000 followers and at least 3,000 story views. Once you have found good influencers, nothing stands in the way of long-term cooperation with several campaigns. “Before booking an influencer, I always recommend a fake follower check to check whether the reach is real. There are simple tools for this today,” says the expert.

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of influencer marketing, use its great potential and set up successful campaigns? Sign up now Emre the Greek from Ecomunlimited GmbH and make an appointment!

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