Emmanuel Macron attacks his ministers: “It’s unbearable!”

A few months before the presidential election, the head of state assembled his government to take stock of the start of the school year. The government was grouped together at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday. According to an adviser to the French executive present during the meeting, the French president would have set the record straight.

He would have first asked his ministers “cohesion and unity “. Then the head of state would have declaredWe have to get out of things that can waste our time. No false debates, no false controversy “. Then he got into something that particularly annoys him: “the exchanges by media interposed between the various members of the government.”

The jousting between ministers spread out in the media is unbearable, because it can give the impression that we are dealing with something other than straightening the country when it is quite the opposite. I don’t want the French to have that impression, because it’s wrong “, launched the French president, according to the source of the newspaper Le Parisien.

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