Emmanuel André attacks Didier Raoult: “He is responsible for thousands of preventable deaths, including in Belgium”

This Monday, Emmanuel André attacked Didier Raoult on Twitter. For the microbiologist from KU Leuven, his “colleague” “kills slowly”. “When I discuss with people who refuse to protect themselves against COVID-19 thanks to the vaccine, I am challenged to hear that they again and always cite Didier Raoult as the only source of information to which they give credit”, he wrote.

He then retweeted a video where the university professor-hospital practitioner in Aix-Marseille speaks. “At the same time, he continues to recommend hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment for long Covid. He also recommends ivermectin, cyclosporin and paraffin. He is disseminating incorrect information. Stubbornly. (Min 9:30 and min 15 : 00). Because he knows his theories don’t hold water, he suggests that people who criticize or would criticize his theories have conflicts of interest. Easy. Effective. But so dishonest. “, lambasted Emmanuel André.

For the former interfederal spokesperson, “This doctor has, since the start of the pandemic, inundated social networks with unverified information and displayed far more than scientific opportunistic skepticism about vaccines. These videos have been viewed millions of times. J ‘estimates that Didier Raoult is responsible for thousands of preventable deaths in the French-speaking countries of our planet, including in Belgium and Africa. this pandemic “, he concluded.

As a reminder, Didier Raoult will be leaving his post at the IHU in Marseille within a year. The physician was increasingly controversial within the profession.


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