Emirates A380 blocks runway | Video

Emirates A380 blocks runway |  Video

An Emirates Airbus A380 came to a stop after landing at London Gatwick due to a hydraulic problem.

The super jumbo, registration A6-EUN, departed Dubai International Airport at 3:25 PM local time. After flying for nearly seven hours, the A380 approached the English airport. Before landing, the machine circled several times. It is not known whether this was the result of the technical defect. The aircraft eventually arrived safely, but was unable to exit the runway through an intersection because the front landing gear malfunctioned for an unknown reason. The live television screens show the machine coming to a stop at the end of the runway and ground crew rushing to the superjumbo.

Runway closed

The London Gatwick runway was then closed for about half an hour. The A380 was towed off the runway towards the gate. “All 408 passengers on board were safely evacuated from the aircraft and the runway was cleared after being closed for 29 minutes,” an Emirates spokesperson said. Simple Flying. Due to the closed runway, other aircraft were forced to keep circling in the air. Some eventually leave for London Luton Airport. 21:45 local time, the A380 from London Gatwick would depart for Dubai again. The machine finally took off at 0:15 am.

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An Emirates A380 was unable to leave the runway due to a hydraulic problem © Flightradar24.com


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