Embraer crashes during landing | Video

Embraer crashes during landing |  Video

An Embraer EMB-120 overran the runway during landing at Adan Adde International Airport, Somalia. The plane broke into two pieces.

It incident was captured by a camera. The video shows how the Embraer missed part of the landing gear and as a result skidded on the runway with the left wing. As a result, the aircraft turned further to the left and went off the runway. Once on the shoulder, the remaining landing gear broke off and the machine came to a stop near the airport fence.

Halla Airlines’ Embraer 120 was badly damaged in the accident. Despite this, all 34 occupants survived the hard landing. Only two people were slightly injured. Nothing is yet known about the cause of the accident. The Somali Aviation Authority has launched an investigation.


Almost exactly one year ago there was also a plane crash at the airport of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. This involved a Fokker 50. The aircraft flipped over on landing and caught fire. All 33 occupants survived the incident.

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