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Learn how to communicate with your organization by embedding videos in the Viva Connections feed. Videos are a great way to reach users in your organization. They offer endless possibilities for communicating with your organization. Share an update, reschedule an all staff meeting, or provide reusable training materials. Learn more about how videos are stored in Microsoft 365.

You can post videos hosted on SharePoint websites as news items in the Viva Connections feed via the menu + New Publish to any SharePoint corporate news website.

  1. Select the video in OneDrive or SharePoint that you want to publish.

  2. Create a share link with the appropriate permissions for the intended audience.


    Create a share link that includes members of your organization who already have access to the video so they can play it.

  3. Navigate to an organization SharePoint site and select “Video” from the menu “+ New” the end. Currently, videos can only be published as news items from organization news sites.

    Illustration of how to add a new video message link to a news website.

    Illustration of an error message in the link area

  4. Paste the share link into the Link field a.

    Illustration of sharing a link to video messages.

  5. Update the fields “Title” and “Description”. A title and description are automatically filled in from the video. You can use the default information or update it to say otherwise.

    Illustration of the settings area for the link

  6. Choose “Contribution” to post the Video Messages link in the feed.

Options for posting video newslinks:

  • Schedule the video to be published at a later date and time. Videos without a schedule are published immediately.
  • Target the video to a specific audience so that it is only shown to those specific people. Or, leave the Audience target field blank to make it available to all users who have access to the website you are posting from.
  • Boost the video to promote it on the Viva Connections feed.


Planning and targeting are via the option “Page details” Available at the top of the page when the page is in edit mode.

  1. Open the website content of the website from which you published the video.

  2. Find the page in the list of published pages and open it.

  3. Select at the top right of the page “To edit” the end.

    Illustration of the editing of an active link for video messages.

  4. Edit content on the page, then select “Update post” to retry the publication.

frequently asked Questions

F: What types of videos are supported?

A: Stream videos based on SharePoint or OneDrive can be published as a video news link in the Viva Connections feed. Videos uploaded to stream (classic) are not supported.

F: Can I publish external videos from YouTube, GIF, etc.?

A: No, only stream videos hosted by SharePoint or OneDrive are supported.

F: Where are video newslinks displayed?

A: Videos published as video newslinks are only displayed in the Viva Connections feed.

F: Can I schedule a video to be published at a later date?

A: Yes, use that Planning options in the publish flow to select a future date and time to delay the video from being published.

F: What does the video look like when it is published in the Viva Connections feed?

A: Video message links are displayed as a map in the Viva Connections feed. If you tap the map, the video will play in full screen mode.

Image of an active video news link.


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