Emanuel Aguilera and the leadership of America: “Whether they like the forms or not” | Sports Liga MX

Is there someone who does notnothing matters.It is called Ema Aguilera.we’ll see.>> I think that i, the numbersthey reflect them.if we are there first is … isfor something, because …we are surely doingthings well.more than others.it depends on each one.but we are there.we are there in the first place.fighting the top spotslike we did last tournament.so that is very importantkeep that record,regularity that is not easyget in the league like youI said recently.that you are increasingly competitive.today may come the last withtwo points.and it can do you a goodmatch.because it’s there.we would love itI said other times, win allthe parties.because for us insidethe court looked extraordinarybecause we suffered less thanaccount, you can not, there is rinvalwhich one does things welltoo.prevents you from doing thethings as one wants.

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