Elon Musk: X video calls coming soon

Elon Musk: X video calls coming soon
  • Voice and video call service will soon be available on the application

In a new step in which the rival company, “Meta”, competes in the services it provides, the American billionaire, Elon Musk, is preparing to add a video call service on the “X” platform (previously Twitter).

Elon Musk said on “X”, Thursday, that voice and video call service will soon be available on the application.

He also stated:

  • Calls will be effective on iOS and Android phones, Mac and PC computers.
  • No need for a phone number to make calls
  • The X will be a powerful global address book
  • Consider that these factors are unique

And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Musk is seeking to make “X” a preferred platform for making calls in the world.

With this step, X will provide representative services for Meta platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.


But cybersecurity experts have raised questions about the new service.

Jake Moore of cybersecurity firm Eset said spam calls would be on the horizon.

The expert based his speech on Elon Musk’s announcement of his intention to remove the ban feature in “X”, including all aspects of the organization except for direct correspondence.

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