Elon Musk to employees: – Work very hard

According to Reuters, Tesla CEO Elon Musk in an email asked employees to work extra hard to meet the challenges the company faced in the third quarter.

In recent months, Tesla has had major production problems. This may be due to the scarcity of microprocessors, which have affected car companies around the world. In addition, corona cuts have had major consequences for several of Tesla’s factories and suppliers.

– We receive a record number of orders at the same time as we have experienced a shortage of important input factors, like the rest of the industry, Musk wrote in the e-mail.

Will deliver

Despite a demanding ongoing quarter, Musk wants the electric car giant to deliver good results.

– We go through a wave with many orders, and despite the challenges, we have to make it go around. We have almost completed an incredible number of cars, but some parts are missing in order to be handed over.

He concludes by asking the employees to work extra hard to be able to deliver through the third quarter, and says he believes that the company will reach its goal.


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