Elon Musk presents Optimus, Tesla’s future humanoid robot

Will the future of robotics go through welcoming a humanoid into homes? Elon Musk believes in it and presented the first prototype of his Optimus robot on the night of Friday to Saturday at Tesla’s back-to-school conference.

Bumble C, a first prototype of a humanoid robot from Tesla’s Optimus range, made a very noticeable debut on October 1st. During a keynote held by billionaire Elon Musk, Internet users were able to see this artificial being walking timidly on the stage, before greeting the public. First steps before setting out to conquer homes?

If the boss of Tesla and SpaceX promises security features to never “live a Terminator scenario”, this robot project capable of mimicking human movements and gestures was above all intended to demonstrate the advances in artificial intelligence of teams of the electric car manufacturer.

In a video (visible above), Bumble C can be seen analyzing two types of scenes, one to pick up a package and bring it to a person before placing it on a desk, the other to take a watering can and take care of plants. It is a question here of experimentation and the prototype is still far from being functional or from knowing how to become essential in everyday life.

A robot “under $20,000”

Elon Musk continued the show, dubbed Tesla AI Day, promising that eventually this robot should prove to be “affordable”. He even advances a selling price of “less than 20,000 dollars” each. The marketing of this humanoid is planned between 2025 and 2027, explains the businessman who aims to “fundamentally transform civilization”.

“It means a future of abundance, a future where there is no poverty, where people will have what they want in terms of products and services”, he says before adding in his speech that “it was essential that his company be listed on the stock exchange, because if the public does not like what Tesla is doing, the public can buy shares and vote differently. It’s very important that I can’t just do what I want…”

With this demonstration, Tesla also launched a call for engineers who would like to be part of the project.


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