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A verbal battle between billionaire Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos flared on Twitter, where Musk accused the CEO of Tesla The competitor billionaire and CEO of “Amazon” by imitating him, after he bought a startup for the development of self-driving cars.

Musk Bezos, considered the richest man in the world, was described as a “imitator” after hearing a decision.AmazonBy acquiring “Zoo X” technology for autonomous cars for $ 1 billion.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Musk, CEO of Tesla, which has been working on this technology for years, wrote on Twitter: “Jeff Bezos is a fake Haha”, and attached a link to a report from the “Financial Times” about Amazon’s purchase of the startup.

Like Tesla, “Zoo X” is developing self-driving technology, as well as developing its own cars and aims to use those self-driving cars to provide a service that shares driverless cars through their phones.

For his part, Bezos did not respond to Musk’s tweet, and Amazon did not disclose its plans for the new company, “Zoo X”, but it is expected that it will use self-driving cars to help the company deliver the orders purchased through its platform.

While Musk’s latest tweet is the latest collision between billionaires, but it is not the first, the two also collided in space travel projects, where Musk owns the company “SpaceX” competing with the company “Blue Origin” of Bezos.

The two companies compete for decades from NASA, and focus on building reusable missiles to reduce the cost of space exploration.

This tweet is the second public example of Musk’s criticism of Bezos this month. In early June, Musk called for the “division” of Amazon, indicating that the e-selling company monopolized the markets.



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