Elche “We must take advantage of the options that Real Madrid gives you to hurt him”

How is the template: “Francisco and Jaime Ramos, without symptoms. They are fine, waiting to test negative for antigens. The casualties, pending their evolution and seeing how the affected people come.”

Leaves due to COVID: “We believe that a couple of players can be incorporated in the previous one and on Saturday, some more. We are on the wire, on standby.”

Team Possibilities: “Until the afternoon session is over, we won’t be able to finalize what will happen tomorrow. The group is very excited and motivated, on a very good run of results and confidence. We are concerned and concerned about the League. We must maintain that competitive level”.

Rotations: “We will go out to play the match with those who are the best. In this type of match, the motivational factor has no place and we don’t work on it. All the professionals want to play against Real Madrid at the Martínez Valero, in front of their people. The team that let’s say he will compete 100% and will make things very difficult for Real Madrid”.

keys to pass: “Making a tactically perfect game, taking advantage of the opportunities that we have and that they, who are going to have them for sure, do not do it”.

Real Madrid: “They have just beaten Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao in four days. That shows that they arrive with an important morale. It will cause many difficulties and you will have to minimize mistakes, taking advantage of the options that Real Madrid gives you to hurt them”

Historic Opportunity: “Real Madrid is a team used to playing every three days and facing long trips. We don’t know if they will rotate or not. We are talking about the best players in the world. You don’t have to think about whether they will be relaxed or tired, but about competing against best Real Madrid”.

Who arrives most affected by casualties and COVID: “Elche, without a doubt. Real Madrid’s squad is made up of 25 top players and casualties have made our day to day extremely difficult. We don’t have the sessions that we should and everything has been limited to tactics, the board and the video. If you analyze the two squads and add the casualties, Elche is more affected than Real Madrid”.

Cup or League priority: “It is difficult to answer that. We must focus on the next game, which is Thursday. We arrived with the intention of making Elche more and more competitive and grow as a block. There is room for progression and we can still do more. The Copa del Rey appeals to all of us. We want to go through rounds and, for that reason, we give the importance it has to tomorrow’s match”.

Improvement since the arrival of Francisco: “The morale shot is important when you arrive, but if the results don’t arrive, it’s empty. The competition of the players themselves has increased and they themselves said that they had a good result. We deserved better scores and the wins against Espanyol and Villarreal strengthen much more in what we work”.

Speech that weighed for the quality template: “When we arrived, it was said that this was the best squad in the history of Elche. We showed the classification and that we would have to go through difficulties and suffer a lot. We have to continue like this and if the results are good, we will be where we should be. Now, five from the descent, but without selling smoke and giving one hundred percent of each one. If we save ourselves it will not be because of the individuals, but because of the block”.

Descartes: “It will depend on what happens this afternoon. The medical services will say who is for each match, whether their condition is complicated or not. Then it will be known who is going to play on Thursday or who is going to play on Sunday.”

Return of Francis: “The protocol began with ten days off and then with seven. Jaime Ramos could return on Friday and Francisco, for the Bernabéu. It depends on whether they test negative because this is a surprise and continues. Here we are the survivors.

reserve players: “We approach each match as if it were the last because it is one of the signs of identity that we want to capture. The match itself is going to dictate nuances. The analysis of Real Madrid is done and we know its pros and cons. In another situation I would not risk with some players with physical discomfort, but then there is room for improvement and recovery. That allows us to take risks with some player saturated with discomfort or load of minutes”.

Edgar or Axel in goal: “I cannot answer that, although communication is daily with the coach. After the session this afternoon or tomorrow morning, when we meet, he will confirm the eleven. Axel usually plays in the Cup; Kiko used to, but what is low by COVID “.

Ownership of registrations after COVID: “Those players can enter the eleven because they have done individual and revised work. They come with minutes and a week without the group means nothing. The feedback that the player transmits is important. We know about his minutes and their problems, the conversations are daily, and what they transmit will be key”.


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