Eintracht Frankfurt: Markus Krösche dissatisfied – and with clear text on a possible Glasner dismissal

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Eintracht Frankfurt comes to an overjoyed equalizer against RB Leipzig, but the lifeless team plays worrying. Sports director Krösche supports coach Glasner.

Frankfurt – At the happy end of a generally sad appearance, Kevin Trapp, the feline Eintracht keeper in a green sweater, stalks out of his territory and romps in foreign territory. A bit of confusion in the Leipzig penalty area, the clear signal, “We’re going all in”, as the Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner likes to say.

The stoppage time is ticking down, 0: 1 the score in a one-sided game, not 0: 3 or 0: 4, which would have been fair, only 0: 1 so: Kostic corner, Kostic free kick, Trapp right in the middle and suddenly fidgeting the ball actually in the Leipzig network. 1: 1 per head by the nice Mr. Tuta after 94 minutes, nobody would have believed that, except perhaps troublemaker Kevin Trapp, who was allowed to live out the collective feeling of happiness in the bunch of his teammates. “Finally I didn’t have to cheer alone.”

Eintracht Frankfurt against Leipzig: Kevin Trapp as life insurance for the SGE

The Eintracht goalkeeper did not play a major role in the equalizer, in the fact that the Frankfurt team saved that one point at all, but one that was all the greater: This highly flattering result was solely due to the devil between the bars, the four or five shiny ones Defense parades showed. “It’s nice that the guys know that there is someone in the box that they can rely on when things get tight,” said the 31-year-old in all modesty. Trapp alone has saved Eintracht Frankfurt four of only nine points, almost single-handedly, three in Munich, now one against Leipzig. Frankfurter Lebensversicherung is at the very back of the soccer goal.

In exuberance and because TV expert Lothar Matthäus sang a never-ending song of praise to the ball catcher, the Saarlander, who had been demoted to number four in the national team, went a bit over the top in coming to terms with what he had experienced. His team showed character and put a lot of emotion into it, Leipzig was put under pressure, faced with problems and unsettled, he said. Okay, the Saxons had, as he admitted, one or the other chance, “but I thought that we were actually the better team.” An assessment that the gatekeeper had exclusive and caused some astonishment, but in the heat of the moment is also not to be overestimated.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Dangerous and worrying appearance of the SGE

It is very clear, however, that Eintracht Frankfurt put the clearly inferior team in front of only 31,000 spectators that evening in the city forest and was lucky not to have lost this game against the Champions League participants without a hitch. It was a questionable, sometimes worrying appearance by the Hessians, who managed to bring the stadium to a resigned silence at times.

The Leipzig, where ex-Eintracht striker André Silva only sat on the bench and was later mercilessly whistled for every ball contact, should have decided this encounter long ago, but Trapp and his own inability kept Eintracht in the race, Emil Forsberg For example, the trick managed not to put the ball in the orphaned box from close range, but to shoot it almost at the border road (89th).

Particularly alarming: The team appeared insecure to the core, lifeless and bloodless, at times as if paralyzed. The whole thing is crooked, nothing fits together, nobody knows how Eintracht wants to play football. The offensive game is practically non-existent, it is a single stumble and stumble. A line or an idea cannot be recognized, what coach Oliver Glasner wants, the team obviously cannot implement. It seems like the team doesn’t understand their manager – and vice versa.

Game against RB Leipzig: Eintracht Frankfurt looks insecure and overwhelmed

It is also quite possible that the Austrian overloads his team with his complex ideas about football, and the many changes – regardless of whether personnel, tactics or system – do not contribute to an urgently needed security. The previous performance, nine points after ten games, 15th place and an outright harmlessness in the last third, is the responsibility of the coach. Something is wrong in the state of Eintracht, because large parts of the team are identical to last year’s: Against Leipzig, Rafael Borré only had one new entry in the starting line-up. And still nothing goes together.

Coach Glasner surprised with the admission that he wanted to change the “extremely cross-shaped game”. “We want to show other ways.” But it does not work, the dependence on the left wing Filip Kostic has grown again, the Serb was involved in six of the only ten Bundesliga clubs. And: why break open a system by force when it has worked for years? At the moment the Eintracht game doesn’t stand for anything anymore, scoring chances are scarce.

“There is a total lack of lightness”: SGE managers know the deficits

At least those responsible know about the deficits: “Everyone has a little lead vest on, which depresses creativity,” says the coach. “We totally lack lightness.” Can such a happy sense of achievement as now against Leipzig help? It is not certain: After the victory in Munich it was a 1: 2 against Hertha, after the best performance of the season in a 3: 1 against Olympiakos followed the devastating 0: 2 in Bochum.

Sports director Markus Krösche is anything but pleased with the way football is played, points out the fluctuations of the experienced players, complains about the lack of coordination and generally the “erratic” game. “We can’t work together.”

The question of the coach arises almost inevitably, but the sports director weighs it down. Glasner is not part of the problem, “but definitely part of the solution”. In general: “If you get a new coach and he has a slightly different game idea, it takes time.” And points. If this does not happen, the discussion will soon really pick up speed. Maybe after the game in seven days at the bottom in Fürth. There is currently no more grateful opponent than Eintracht Frankfurt in the league.

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