Egypt defeats Lebanon with a goal of spreading the Arab Cup in Qatar

The Egyptian national football team, led by Carlos Queiroz, achieved a difficult victory over Lebanon, with a goal without a response, scored by Mohamed Magdy Afsha, from a penalty kick in the 71st minute, after being obstructed by Ahmed Fattouh, in the first round of Group D in the Arab Cup hosted by Qatar, for the Pharaohs to get 3 Points, they occupy second place in the fourth group, which is led by the Algerian team with the same balance after beating Sudan with four goals without a response, and the Lebanese team occupies third place and Sudan fourth without points.

Egypt will face its counterpart Sudan next Saturday at 6 pm in the matches of the second round of the fourth group and Algeria on Tuesday in the third round, with the first and second group qualifying for the round of 8.

The technical staff of the Egyptian national team, led by Carlos, started its formation as follows: – Mohamed El-Shennawy, Akram Tawfik, -Ahmed Hegazy, -Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh”, Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, -Hamdi Fathi, Amr Al-Sulayya, Mostafa Fathi, Marwan Hamdi and Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”. and Mohamed Sharif, and the Egyptian national team’s bench in its match against Lebanon witnessed the presence of Ahmed Yassin, Omar Kamal, Marwan Daoud, Ahmed Refaat, Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, Ayman Ashraf, Mohamed Sobhi, Muhannad Lashin, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Osama Faisal and Hussein Faisal and Mahmoud Gad .

first half

The match started enthusiastically between the two teams from the beginning, and the strong intervention and focus on the players of the two teams appeared from the beginning of the match, and the Egyptian team succeeded in pushing you from the left side through Ahmed Fattouh and Mohamed Sharif, but without translating the goals.

And in the 11th minute, the dangerous attack of the Egyptian team begins after a cross from Mustafa Fathi reaches Muhammad Sharif, opposite him with a foot, but the goalkeeper of the Lebanon team takes it out with difficulty, and then another corner, which Muhammad Sharif also meets with a wonderful header that comes out over the crossbar of the Lebanese team.

The manly performance continues between the two teams, but the offensive effectiveness was the share of the Egyptian team without translating goals.

And in the 19th minute, a through pass from Amr Al-Sulayya to Mustafa Fathi passes through the defense of Lebanon and hits it weakly in the hands of the goalkeeper.

And in the 23rd minute, a wonderful cross from Afsha reached Mohamed Sharif inside the penalty area, and he headed it with a head, which was blocked by the Lebanon goalkeeper.

And in the 26th minute, a shot from Amr Al-Sulayya was blocked by the Lebanon national team goalkeeper.

The Egyptian pressure and attack continues, but without translation for goals.

And in the 33rd minute, a direct free kick for the Egyptian team was blocked by Ahmed Fattouh, and Ahmed Hegazy hit it with a strong header, which was blocked by the Lebanon goalkeeper, and the referee considered it infiltration.

And in the 35th minute, play stopped due to the injury of Hamdi Fathi, the Egyptian national team player, and he was replaced, and Muhannad Lashin came down in his place.

Play continues, pressure from the Egyptian team on the defense and goalkeeper of the Lebanese team, but without translation, while the Lebanese team depends on counter-attacks.

And in the 45+2 minute, Afsha passes a wonderful ball to Mohamed Sherif inside the penalty area, and the Lebanon team takes it out for a corner,

And in the 45+3 minute, Akram Tawfik gets a yellow warning for interfering with the Lebanon player, and the first half ends in a negative tie between the two teams.

Second half :

With the beginning of the second half, Carlos Queiroz made a change with the exit of Mustafa Fathi and the departure of Ahmed Refaat in his place.

The pressure continues from the Egyptian team and a desperate defense from Lebanon, and in the 52nd minute a wonderful pass from Afsha by Ahmed Refaat is unique to the goal, but the Lebanon goalkeeper continues to shine and prevents a certain goal.

And in the 57th minute, a direct free kick was kicked by Afsha, but the desperate Lebanese defense took it out.

Playing at the same pace continues, great pressure from the Egyptian team and a defense from the Lebanese team, amid attempts by the Pharaohs players to score goals.

And in the 66th minute, Marwan Hamdi came out and Sayed Zizou came down.

In the 69th minute, the German referee awards a penalty kick in favor of the Egyptian team after blocking Ahmed Fattouh, and Mohamed Afsha saved it and shot it, announcing the goal of the Pharaohs in the 71st minute.

The technical staff of the Lebanese national team is making a number of changes in the hope of adjusting the result.

And in the 73rd minute, Mohamed Sharif gets a warning for interfering with the Lebanon goalkeeper.

The match calms down relatively for several minutes, and the Egyptian team controls the ball.

In the 83rd minute, Queiroz pays the duo Omar Kamal and Osama Faisal at the expense of Akram Tawfik and Mohamed Sharif.

The Lebanese team resorted to attacking, while the Egyptian team defended it to preserve the goal and get the three points in the first matches of the two teams in the Arab Cup.

The German referee counts 7 minutes, and the Egyptian team plays for possession in the hope of achieving a second goal, while the Lebanese team resorts to playing on counter-attacks, so that the meeting ends with the Pharaohs winning with a goal without the Lebanon team.


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