Edward Sharpe and magnetic zeros – a 40 day dream

40 Day Dream is the third installment in SALVO !, a 12-part music video series by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. 40 Day Dream finds Edward and his brother hiding in the desert after a violent prison break. Jade, having received a telepathic message from her brother, brings them together with the rest of the magnetic zeros. His new family greets Edward, and his concerns are briefly alleviated by a healing vision of unity. After night, Edward wakes up. Starring: Edward Sharpe: Alex Ebert Angel: Lisa Richards Brother: Orpheo McCord Jade: Jade Castrinos Guard: Tay Stratharin Magnetic Zeros: Nico Aglietti, Stewart Cole, Aaron Embry, Aaron Older, Josh Collazo, Nora Kirkpatrick, Christain Letts, Tyler James, Chris Richard, Benjamin Kutsko TEAM: Director: Matt Amato Writers: Matt Amato, Alex Ebert and Isaiah Seret Editors: Matt Amato, Alex Ebert Cinematographers: Eric Maclver and David Myrick Aerial Photography: Eric Pacheco Performers: Bryan Ling & Sara Cline Producers: Michael Shifflett and Jack Richardson PM: Tara Tortorello AD: Brinton Bryon Choreographer: Becca Sweitzer Production Designer: Katie Byron Art Director: Grant Leuchtner Camera Assistant: Justin Rhodes, Trevor DiCarlo, Wyatt Denny, Sean Tudor DIT: Alexandra Pelly Assistant Editor: Alexandra Pelly Alexandra Pelly Colorist: Alexandra Pelly Aftermath: Matthew Alexander Sound: Jake Viator Wardrobe Stylist: Diana Contreras and Eliot Hazel Make -up: Sarai Fiszel Still Photography: Michael Sterling Eaton Titles: Jon Beasely Production Assist: Matthew Boman Location: Blake Simpson Music Score Composer: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Recording Engineer: Benjamin Tierney 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Production Co. : THE MASSES AND COMMUNITY MUSIC filmed at Joshua Tree, CA


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