Eastward – Release Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the picturesque world of the East – the population is shrinking! Join John and Sam on a journey through a society on the verge of collapse. Check out …


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  1. We need more of these. One of the best games i've ever played in my whole life. The quality of the pixel art is just wondeful. I'm enjoying every second in the game. Thanks a lot to the team behind this gem. All my love! I hope we will see more from you un the future! ????????????????????

  2. There are games that make me think of my childhood and then there are games that I wish I could’ve played when I was a child. This trailer makes me experience both feelings, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to play it now as an adult. Thank you to the team who made this happen!!!

  3. WOW….this is how more games should be and not trying to rewrite the 8-bit pixel wheel. Games like this, Monster Boy, Shantie, and other Lizard Cube games. This feels like a game of the year contender and this is coming from a 42 year old who's seen it all.

  4. Been waiting on this since the teaser in 2018 and ive got to say, it was 100% worth the wait… with the amount of anticipated games that have flopped this year, im so glad this wasnt one of them! Great job to the team!

  5. Every so often I find I game that I truly fall in love with, and I mean that literally. Celeste, Hollow Knight, and Firewatch to name a few. I have a strong feeling that Eastward is gonna end up on that list.

  6. Ojalá exista una actualización en Español, España y America latina lo agradecería!!
    I hope there is an update in Spanish, Spain and Latin America, I would appreciate it!

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