Earthblade – Game rewards revealed

Earthblade – Game rewards revealed

A NEW game from EXOK Games, the creators of Celeste! You are Névoa, an enigmatic child of destiny who is finally returning to Earth…


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  1. 1600 hours in Celeste to date and wouldn't be surprised if I spend just as much time in Earthblade. My hype for this surpasses that for Silksong or Downpour tenfold.

  2. I've been following Maddy's stuff since a certain raocow's Let's Play of An Untitled Story came out, and HOOOO BOY. Another 'vania, with a whole team of amazing people working by her side? There's a soothing nostalgia to seeing things come full circle like this.

  3. Metroidvania? I'm stoked about this, because their games are always much more than meets the eye. Towerfall Ascention is still my favorite multiplayer game ever, and I never would've predicted that from the trailer.

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