Due to the controversial Colombian participation in the Madrid Book Fair, they call a march against Iván Duque in the Spanish capital

Colombia Guest country of the 80 Madrid Book Fair 2021

The controversy over the selection of Colombian authors at the Madrid Book Fair that begins this Friday, September 10 in Spain continues to arouse criticism and even more after the Colombian ambassador in that country, Luis Guillermo Plata, to recant having referred to the selected writers as ‘neutral’, that is, they had no opinion, at least negative, of the government of Iván Duque.

Because of this and the suspicion that the Government did not want to invite literary critics of the president’s management, the author Melba Escobar declined her participation in the event to which neither Carolina Sanín, nor Pilar Quintana, Santiago Gamboa, Héctor was invited. Abbot or Piedad Bonnett, some of the most important contemporary pens.

This did not stop at some resignations or reactions but now rose to a mobilization next Sunday, September 12, before the arrival of the Colombian president in Madrid. “Great demonstration against the arrival of Iván Duque. The president of Colombia arrives in Madrid to celebrate the 2021 Book Fair. # DuqueNonGratoEspaña # AlertDuqueEspaña # OutDuqueGenocidaEspaña ”, reads the poster.

The mobilization will begin at the Puerta del Sol, the main meeting point in Madrid at 12 o’clock and will end at 3 o’clock in the Puerta de Alcalá (Retiro Park), towards the east of the Spanish capital. The event is organized by Resistencia Madrid and Por la vida, la paz y la Justicia de Colombia in the European country.

In their social media accounts, they indicate that the reason for the mobilization is because the “murderous president, who has killed and disappeared hundreds of young people, is not wanted in Spain. just to claim what is fair. As long as the government does not stop killing, we will not stop marching, “they said.

All the controversy over the reported bias began when the magazine W Magazín published an article in which it pointed out that authors had been excluded from the Fair due to their position against the government.

The text that is called ‘The government of Colombia excludes prestigious writers as guests at the Madrid Book Fair’, denounces that, although there are confirmed excellent writers to attend this cultural meeting, many others were left out. “The government of Colombia has just written a sad and undeserved page in the history of literary, cultural and political management. In conversation with BluRadio, on the morning of this Monday, the journalist assured that the controversial selection of the authors would have been order, directly, from Colombia.

According to what Winston commented on the station, his suspicions that something was wrong arose when he had access to the fair’s programming, because, as an expert in literature, he noticed the evident absence of several authors of great importance in the country. “The portrait of contemporary Colombian literature at the Madrid Book Fair, as a guest country, is very incomplete because political sectarianism has prevailed “The text reads that he launched strong accusations against the country’s political environment.

It was there when Ambassador Plata came out to say, on the Libertad Digital portal, that what prevailed in the choice was to have ‘neutrality’. “You don’t want a literary fair to turn into a political fair. Neither for one side nor the other. (…) It has been tried to have neutral things where the literary side of the work prevails “, he stated.

Finally he had to retract saying that he made a mistake using the word ‘neutral’. “I was wrong. Unfortunately, the way I used my words distorted the ultimate meaning of what I wanted to express. You, as professionals of the word, well know that sometimes we choose words hastily and that can lead to misunderstandings and misunderstandings, “he said.


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