DT Fabián Bustos apologizes to the Barcelona SC fans for a bad campaign in the second phase of the Pro League | National Championship | sports

The yellow coach does not confirm his continuity or not on the bench of the bullfighting team and said that the club will announce it through its Press Department.

The 1-1 draw against Macará closed an irregular campaign of Barcelona SC in the second stage of LigaPro that allowed him to complete 20 points, out of 45 possible, and finished in ninth place from the leaderboard.

That 44.44% of points that the bullfighter team reached, 13 units were obtained at home and 7 as a visitor, they served him, thanks to the good campaign of the first phase, culminating in the fourth position of the accumulated table and obtaining a place in the group phase at the Liberators cup, which is described as historic by his coach Fabián Bustos and acknowledges that they were not up to the task in the last part of the tournament.

“Thank God who guides my life, honor and glory for Him. It was an intense year, obviously the second stage we were not up to the task; We fought the first phase and I think we deserved it, without detracting from the rival. In the second (phase) we were not up to par, We feel the great effort of having been eliminated in the Copa Libertadores. For me the balance is still positive, “he said at the end of the match against the Ambateños.

“We ask our people for forgiveness, we were not up to the task in the second stageWe did not play it well, we did not live up to what Barcelona is, but we re-qualified for the Libertadores, something that had not happened 21 years ago ”, he expressed as justification.

In relation to the criticism he has received for the team approach, the technician pointed out: “Always I am respectful of the opinion of all the people, have the right to give their opinion and express themselves, also communicators have that right. The opinions are all respectable, I do not want to say that I am angry, I simply listen, although there are some things that are not said and others that are ”.

When taking stock of the season, the strategist said: “The year has been good economically, in sports, the truth that is not enough, Barcelona has to fight, our people, our fans want us to fight the championship, but, as I said last week, this managerial, sporting process is the most successful of this centuryI am not saying of the last century because some were confused ”.

The technician added that this is the best period of the fourth bullfighter. “In these last 21 years, this is the best cycle in BarcelonaHe has had his best season in these two years although we are not happy because we are not in the final, we were not close. We are once again for the fourth consecutive year in a Copa Libertadores, something that had not happened since 1994 when four Liberators were played in a row ”.

In recounting Barcelona’s participation in the international tournament, he said: “In 2019 we inherited itWe did not coach, in 2020 we reached the group stage; In 2021, to the group stage, that’s very important economic returns for the institution. This leadership has paid more than 11 million dollars and those resources were obtained thanks to the results of the last two years. We go back to playing Copa Libertadores, it is not what our people most wanted, our people do want us to play the Libertadores but they want to fight for the championship, we were not up to the task, the second stage we did not play well “.

“In these 21 years that I have been in Ecuador it is the first time that Barcelona played so many Libertadores Cups in a rowWe were champions in the best scenario that is Casa Blanca, we reached the semifinal (Copa Libertadores 2020); everything, from the leadership, the players and the coaching staff, who have achieved the most economic and sporting results in the last 21 years ”, he said.

Regarding his continuity or not as a Barcelona coach, Bustos indicated: “Surely the club, through its Press Department, will announce it”.

The phrases that Bustos referred, as he said, were not directed at anyone, despite the criticism received: “I have no evil in my heart, I don’t do things to generate enemies; obviously that respect everyoneI highly respect our fans who are our partners, they are the fundamental of an institution like Barcelona that is great thanks to its fans, its achievements. I think we have lived up to their achievements, We won the championship at Casa Blanca, we reached the Libertadores semifinal, we played two group stages in a row that allowed us to bring more than $ 11 million to the budget. Today we are going back to Libertadores and we are going to try to continue growing, I am not evil and I do nothing against anyone ”.

For the technician, the board chaired by Carlos Alejandro Alfaro Moreno becomes the best. “The reality is that this coaching staff, this leadership process, this administration is the best in the last 21 years; with Alfaro Moreno, Aquiles Álvarez, Jorge Égüez, Xavier Salem, Verduga (Franklin), Munir (Massuh), Luiggi (Machiavelo), Andrés Calderón, José Luis Nogales, this leadership is the best of the last 21 years in sporting and economic achievements , with a mitigating factor, with the two lowest budgets of the last ten years of this club.

Bustos is no stranger to the economic part and refers to what the club president says about another championship. “We keep trying to win the economic championship that still remains, we continue looking for sporting achievements ”.

Regarding the planning of what is to come, the champion coach with Barcelona in 2020 added: “On February 9, phase 1 of the Copa Libertadores begins, the rematch will be on February 16. We already have our planning. We will try the same from the 2020 season We also had to start much faster because on January 22 we had to play in Progreso, in the kill-kill (elimination), then we left a Uruguayan team, a Paraguayan team, a Peruvian team, a Brazilian team, an Argentine team. We won the final to League (Q) and we only lost with Flamengo. We will try to do what we have already done ”.

Barcelona made history by being in the first phase and reaching a semi-final. “It was growing up, reaching the group stage is difficult, complicated, because only two teams have done it in all of history, Barcelona and Guaraní from Paraguay, we have an estimated planning for what corresponds to start fighting everything because Barcelona has to fight everything ”, reflected the two-time Ecuadorian coach. (D)


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