Drones capture footage of a shark at Bondi Beach (VIDEO)

Drones capture footage of a shark at Bondi Beach (VIDEO)

On a morning like many others, in Bondi Beach, Australia, in Sydney in particular, no one could have expected what was to happen shortly thereafter. Indeed, that day the drones of the Drone Shark App filmed one shark immersed in a school of fish very close to bathers. This is an app that monitors sharks using drones and posts photos and videos of these animals almost every day.

The frightened couple

Lo shark in question was recognized as a bull shark and was nicknamed Norm. The video also shows two swimmers who approached the school of fish, intrigued by the beauty of this event. When the shark came out of the shoal the two got very scared. Holding hands, the two fled from the animal, which, with total disinterest, passed under one of the two, and then returned to eat.


Many negative comments to the video that go to incriminate the couple to be wrong. Here are a couple of them:

This makes me angry at the lack of common sense towards those humans.

Says an enraged onlooker. Another adds:

If there had been an attack, the blame would have fallen again on the sharks. They are just doing what they do in their environment. We should respect that and stay out of the water until the school of fish and sharks have moved on.

people at sea

However, the video does not only portray the couple. In the final part there is also a paddle pilot with the shark at his side. The swimmer doesn’t seem particularly agitated, probably because he knows that sharks have a rather docile nature with humans. They much prefer to attack fish, after all we are not part of their food chain.

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surfer with shark

After filming, Norm the bull shark returns to his school of fish. He probably must have been starving like a wolf and couldn’t wait to get back to the middle of his stall to fill his stomach with good fresh fish.

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