Driving without insurance is a huge risk. The record holder must give away PLN 2 million from his own pocket

Driving without insurance is a huge risk.  The record holder must give away PLN 2 million from his own pocket

In Poland liability insurance has 27.5 million vehicles per car, according to the data Information Center of the Insurance Guarantee Fund. Still, many people drive without OC, and on the occasion of the world of the day Insurance carThe Fund reminds you that it is not only a legal obligation, but also protection against very large expenses in the event of an accident accident.

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Third party liability insurance can protect against gigantic costs

– We are currently handling over 18,000 recourse cases. The average amount that an uninsured perpetrator has to pay back is nearly PLN 20,000. We have almost 1,500 debtors who owe us amounts ranging from PLN 50,000 to PLN 50,000. PLN to even over PLN 2 million – says Hubert Stoklas, vice-president of the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG).

UFG compares that average cena third party liability insurance is about PLN 500. In return, the vehicle owner receives a payout guarantee compensation and benefits for damage caused by him up to the amount of approx. PLN 24 million for damage to persons and up to PLN 4.9 million for damage to property.

– It is not worth risking driving a vehicle without a valid OC. In the event of a collision or accident, the holder of such vehicle will have to pay jointly and severally with the perpetrator out of his own pocket for the damage caused. It can be car repair, component repair infrastructureif, for example, we drive into a pole or a railing, but the most expensive ones are compensation and benefits for victims of accidents and their relatives – says Hubert Stoklas.

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Accident without liability insurance. Then what?

In the absence of OC, it is the Insurance Guarantee Fund that pays compensation and benefits to victims of uninsured perpetrators. In recent years, it spends about PLN 100 million annually for this purpose. However, this is not a charity action. These costs must be reimbursed. “The amounts in such cases are usually considerable or even huge” – warns the Fund.

It is worth emphasizing that compulsory third party liability insurance protects us against having to pay for damages caused by us. However, it will not cover the cost of repairing our car if we have damaged it ourselves, e.g. by causing a crash.


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