Dramatic case of a woman in debt moved Carmen Gloria Arroyo to tears | TV and Show

The dramatic case of a woman who, after separating from her partner, was burdened with debt, moved Carmen Gloria Arroyo in your program.

The protagonist of the story is Andrea, who five months ago ended the relationship she had with the father of her children for domestic violence.

However, before separating, he gave a large amount of money to the subject, counting his withdrawals from the 10% of the AFP. He even sold his car.

For her part, the woman’s mother, who fully trusted her son-in-law until then, gave her other 10 million pesos obtained after requesting a loan. The man had agreed to start a bakery.

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However, after the separation the individual disappeared, leaving mother and daughter with significant financial debts.

The story deeply penetrated Arroyo, who assured that she went through the same thing when she separated from the father of her sons. In fact, the “judge” couldn’t help crying during the show.

“I was moved and moved a lot because I see myself reflected in what I experienced 15 years ago. When you have passed it, you think that in that minute everything looks bad, there is no hope, ”the lawyer began by pointing out.

“I was in their situation and the emotion, fear, anguish and loneliness was so overwhelming that I decided to spend the days one by one”he added.

“What can change the end of this story is the desire to want to change it, the confidence and faith that this is going to happen, perhaps little by little and day by day,” he said.

“I deeply understand what you are feeling, but I want to convey to you the hope that you can get ahead, whatever the cost. I know it is terrible, because you have to swallow the pain so as not to pass it on to your children, “he explained.

“They sometimes rebel because they no longer have the life they used to, but everything passes. You do not have to worry about the amount of debts because there are so many that it is not worth it. You have to live day by day, empower yourself and not decline because this moment is going to pass “, he asserted.

Later, Arroyo approached Andrea to talk intimately about the overwhelming situation she is going through.

It should be noted that the program team Carmen Gloria at your service He managed to get the Defense Group to assume the legal representation of women in order to solve the problem of debts. In turn, they will initiate a claim for alimony. For its part, the Verdán psychological center will receive the family.



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