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Drake’s son Adonis, 3, shows off his basketball skills like LeBron James in cute video

by drbyos

Drake’s son, Adonis, showed that his basketball talent grows every day in a new video he posted on his Instagram story. Check out the clip and more of the rapper!

duck had an amazing day bonding with her adorable three year old son, Adonis, May 3. The father and son duo had a great time together connecting one of their favorite sports: basketball! In a video, posted on the Instagram story of the 34-year-old “God’s Plan” rapper, Adonis could be seen bouncing some basketball on the court. It seemed like Adonis’s abilities had really grown!

At one point, Adonis even dribbled the ball and spun like it was in midair. The sweet boy took the blue basketball and with a “swoosh” passed it through the hoop without any problem. Those around the three-year-old, including his father, were very impressed, and fans were able to hear some people even cheering for the youngster in the background.

But that wasn’t the only adorable Adonis post that fans got a chance to see. Drake took to his Instagram account the same day and shared the cutest video of his son, with whom he shares. Sophie Brussaux, 31. In the video, Drake recorded his son watching a compilation of Lebron James«The 35 best works».

As you can see in the clip above, Adonis was absolutely mesmerized by what he was seeing. The young man barely blinked, and at one point, he couldn’t contain his amazement at seeing the GOAT doing its job on the court. “Oh my God,” Adonis blurted out, looking at his father in amazement. Drake couldn’t help but laugh at his children’s reaction and made it the title of his post: “My God,” he wrote with a surprised emoji.

Even the 36-year-old basketball star couldn’t get enough of the video and headed to the comment section of Drake’s post. “Nephew [locked] To hell !! Yes sir!!” LeBron wrote as his comment. It’s so clear that Adonis and Drake share a deep bond about the sport, and Adonis definitely looks up to LeBron. Who knows, maybe the young man might get a lesson or two from the king at some point!

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