Home entertainment Drake’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan has “Fuck You” on its rims!

Drake’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan has “Fuck You” on its rims!

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After the Bushukan Mansory Rolls Royce from “Drake” with a diamond owl, news comes from the musician again. Now he has teamed up with the US fashion label Chrome Hearts buttoned up a (further) Cullinan, which has become quite “unique”, especially in the interior. But also outside. Because there is next to the already very distinctive Mansory Bodykit now a chrome rim design with the cross of the fashion label and an engraved “Fuck you” lettering. And the interior of the jointly designed luxury liner is not simple, but extreme pretentious. Chrome Hearts actually sells scented candles for over $ 100 and now the company logo is the basis of the design of the Cullinan. And the logo is a Gothic-style cross that can be seen in the interior on all components that Not are covered with the new quilted leather. Incidentally, the vehicle is part of a PR campaign that Drake is planning for his own clothing line under the Chrome Hearts label.

more than just a matter of taste

The luxury SUV is currently on Miami Institute for Contemporary Art and can be viewed there. Incidentally, whether the vehicle is the copy linked at the beginning or a new car, we can do that at the moment Not say. But we are assuming another vehicle. Conclusion: Beauty is once again in the eye of the beholder. We Drake’s PR manager hereby discuss it. But at least the Cullinan serves its purpose. Finally we reported about it … If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply subscribe to our feed. Have fun looking at the pictures and stay true to us!

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Drake’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan has “Fuck You” on its rims!

Drake's Rolls Royce Cullinan Fuck You rims Drake's Rolls Royce Cullinan has Fuck You on its rims!

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