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Alligatoah and Kollegah don’t know where to go. Fler and BSH make CCN. Nedal Nib saves real rap. Ka’s new album is pretty cool.

Tübingen (ink) – I now had a double-time break for two weeks, during which my colleague Dani presented you with serious classifications and good taste. But all good things are running out – and we can finally talk about Kanye again. Or … can we? We definitely will, but only a little this time because I’m not as interested in the sales duel between him and Drake as it is dominating American headlines. Instead, we discuss the state of the careers of Alligatoah and Kollegah and a few underground pearls from the States. Sounds great? Then this way:

How sexy can we get?

If that is – if you understand – everything suddenly becomes a bit too much, follow the abbreviations directly to the topic of choice:

Good, thanks.

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Alligatoah, Drake and Co

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