Drake gives a fan a Hermes Birkin during the concert, the bag is worth around 30,000 US dollars

Drake gives a fan a Hermes Birkin during the concert, the bag is worth around 30,000 US dollars

During his Los Angeles concert, Drake gifted a front-row fan with a Hermes Birkin. The purse is valued at approximately $30,000. Video of the moment was shared on social media and immediately went viral, amid disbelief and a pinch of envy from those in attendance.

A concert from above 30.000 Dollar. A fan in the front row witnessed a live show by Erpel Unforgettable: The singer appeared on stage in Los Angeles with a Birkin-Modelltasche signed Hermes (worth about $30,000) and has it for himself given. The moment was immortalized by those in attendance and shared on social media, where it quickly went viral.

Drake’s gift to a fan

In the video posted to TikTok, Drake can be seen approaching the edge of the stage with a pink Birkin in hand. Arriving in front of the front rows, the singer decided to give it to a fan, in disbelief at what was happening. “Drake is not cheap”, he said into the microphone to the cheers of the audience. And it’s actually true: the designer bag from Hermes has one Wert, it seems from 30.000 Dollar. “Yeah, that girl over there…” Make sure there are security guards on the way out, he then added, making sure the happy woman was safely escorted to the exit without being swamped by curious and perhaps even envious people. In short, a gadget from the concert that he will certainly not soon forget.

Drake’s Birkin Collection

It’s no coincidence that Drake held one in his hands Hermes Birkins. About three years ago, the rapper had actually stated this a collection of this model full of bags to give to the woman he was going to marry. He now keeps it carefully: according to the AD, he has one in his villa in Toronto two-story wardrobe in which he places the numerous Birkins, almost as if it were a real exhibition. Each piece, one of the rarest and most expensive in the world, would be worth between $40,000 and $500,000.

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