Dr. Anan reveals the results of the research found that the formula of the 3 needle vaccine for the elderly can fight “Omicron” well.

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Dr. Anan reveals that “Moderna” developed the 2nd generation vaccine to stimulate the immune system to fight “Omicron” well.

Dr. Anan reveals information about children infected with COVID-19, tested negative for ATK, saliva was negative, BA.2 cultured.

Dr. Anan pointed out that “Omicron” virus may mutate. until it can infect the lungs

These figures appear to be consistent with the dose of vaccine used, with Moderna being administered intramuscularly 5 times more than the skin (100 vs 20 mcg), while Pfizer was administered intramuscularly 3 times more than the skin (30 vs 10 mcg).

Side effects from the subcutaneous injection appear to be less than expected. The research team concluded that Subcutaneous injections, especially with Moderna, may be an option to consider in cases where vaccines are limited and want to minimize side effects from vaccines.

The Clinical Research Center Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Report of the study of vaccination of the elderly with the third dose of vaccination with Moderna or Pfizer vaccine by intradermal injection. or injected into the muscle layer This was an open-label, randomized study.the elderlyOf the 210 subjects aged 65 years and over who had received 2 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine, it was found that after the booster dose (3rd dose) they were almost completely immune to omicron.

Therefore, the elderly are very necessary to receive the 3rd dose vaccination to be able to prevent Covid-19. from omicron


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