Dorce Gamalama’s condition was worrisome when she was taken to the hospital, Friend: I couldn’t bear to see it : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Relatives Dorce Gamalama, Hetty Sunjaya revealed that the presenter’s condition was very worrying when he was first rushed to the hospital. He even admitted that he could not bear to see his best friend lying weak.

“When you see it, it’s very worrying because what can you do, I can’t bear to see it. He just sleeps on his back on the bed,” said Hetty Sunjaya in the East Jakarta area, Saturday (9/10/2021).


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“I said ‘wake up sis, istighfar sis, you are the most obedient in your prayers, let’s wake up’ but there was no response, then he was a bit rebellious. I told the doctor to do the best for Mother Dorce,” continued Hetty while crying.

After receiving prompt medical treatment on Thursday night, Mother Dorce’s condition is now getting better. Dorce is said to have been able to respond to Hetty’s words.

“It’s getting better, but it’s still not responding much. When I saw that his condition had calmed down, I saw that he was sleeping on his side. Usually when he sleeps he is on his side while hugging and bolstering, so I can see that he has calmed down because of the treatment from the doctor,” he continued.

Hetty only hoped that Dorce’s condition would recover soon. He also asked the people of Indonesia to pray for Dorce to be healed and return to his normal activities.

“I am very happy if this news can reach many people and the whole community can pray for Mother Dorce. I hope Dorce can recover quickly and can be normal again as usual,” said Hetty.

In closing, Hetty would like to thank her celebrity colleagues, media and Dorce’s closest relatives who always support and pay attention to Dorce’s condition.

“I thank my friends, artists, infotainment, entertainment friends who have been close to Mother Dorce, who already know that Mother Dorce is sick, if it is allowed to visit, please visit, support so that he recovers quickly as usual,” he concluded.


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