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Dole. The Health Center offers a new well-being break for cancer patients

by drbyos

Since September 2020, the Health Center has been organizing wellness workshops twice a month for people who are suffering or have suffered from cancer. After massages, support groups, aesthetic or hairdressing sessions, music therapy now reinforces the offer of workshops of this Doloise association.

“Externalize your fears”

These wellness breaks allow participants to regain confidence in their body, regain a certain self-esteem and above all to exchange with other people. “We offer them this little parenthesis to help them feel better,” says Sylvie Reffay, nurse and coordinator of this project. “The singing workshop is useful for expressing your fears due to the disease”, she adds.

Adapt to each

Four people have registered to benefit from this music therapy. But only one of them was able to come. “The demand for adaptability is constant. These people may not have come because they felt too tired, ”says the nurse. Before participating in a workshop, each person meets Sylvie Reffay to get to know each other and so that the caregiver understands what her desires are. “They then choose the workshops that interest them,” she explains.

Most of the workshops are led by external speakers. “We receive donations to be able to organize these sessions every month,” adds the coordinator of the wellness breaks. The association is always looking for new financial aid.

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