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The in Venezuela it was above 4 digital bolivars, amid the Venezuelan opposition’s denunciation that criminals will benefit from the border closure.

At the opening, the exchange rate was quoted at 4.17 bolivars per dollar in the parallel or informal market, according to data from the platform .

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The Venezuelan opposition denounced that the irregular groups are the only ones who benefit from the closure of their country’s border with Colombia, whose opening was scheduled for today.

The only beneficiaries of the (border) closure are irregular groups“Said former deputy Williams Dávila, according to a statement from the Venezuelan opposition.

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The former parliamentarian commented that, in his opinion, President Nicolás Maduro has a “mental mistake” and a “reductionist conception” in foreign policy matters.

He reiterated that the closure of the border, which began in 2015, not only affects the Andean state of Táchira, which houses the main crossing with Colombia, but also its neighbor Mérida and “many other states close” to the Colombian department of Norte de Santander.

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Price of the dollar closed above s / 4.13
The dollar exchange rate closed higher again this Monday, September 4, 2021, after a day where the Central Reserve Bank had to intervene to avoid greater volatility. The price of the dollar was S / 4,132. (Source: América TV)




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