Dog uses a nose to find an organ donor for a seriously ill mistress

Dog uses a nose to find an organ donor for a seriously ill mistress
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A woman in Wales is terminally ill with a disease that is causing her kidneys to fail. However, thanks to her four-legged companion, her life can be saved.

Munich/Barry – Dogs can track down all sorts of things with their fine noses: missing people, the smallest amounts of drugs or traces of explosives. A woman’s dog in Wales also has an exceptionally good nose – the Dobermann apparently sniffed out a suitable organ donor for his sick owner.

Dog in Wales finds suitable organ donor for his seriously ill mistress

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44-year-old Lucy Humphrey received the sad news in 2019 that without a kidney donation she would probably only have five years to live like her BBC reported. She had previously been diagnosed with lupus – an autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation in the organs. Despite dialysis, her kidneys began to fail due to the terminal illness.

In June 2021, some time after the devastating news, Lucy took a weekend trip to a beach at Barrys in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales with her partner Cenydd Owen, 49. Also with them were the two dogs – two Dobermans named Indie and Jake, who were allowed to roam free on the beach. As next BBC also Wales Online writes that the dog Indie kept running to a woman who was sitting almost meters away.

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Dog sniffs out the right organ for his mistress: Tests determine compatibility

“We thought she had something to eat or something and Cenydd called her (the bitch Indie; editor’s note) always back. Finally we went to her and apologized to her, ”said the 44-year-old to the BBC. The woman’s name was Katie, she was 40 years old and came from Barry – the somewhat pushy dog ​​didn’t seem to bother her at all. Lucy and Cenydd are said to have invited the stranger to a barbecue together. During the meal, they brought up the subject of Lucy’s much-needed kidney transplant.

The bitch Indie (left) seems to have smelled the right organ donor for her sick owner (right). © Screenshot/

“Oh, I just signed up for the kidney donation registry,” Katie said in surprise. She doesn’t care who she donates the kidney to – she just wants to help someone who needs the organ. Lucy told the BBC that she and Katie immediately exchanged numbers and were in touch with a donor coordinator the following day. “She did all the tests and it turned out to be a perfect match for me,” said Lucy.

An extremely fortunate coincidence for the seriously ill Briton. Especially since one of the surgeons told her before the transplant that “there is a one in 22 million chance of finding the perfect donor.” Lucy’s bitch Indie seems to have smelled this in the first second.

In Wales, a dog finds a suitable organ donor: transplant is successful

The transplant finally took place on October 3, 2022, which according to Lucy was a success despite the first complications – a great relief for both Lucy and Katie. “I’m really glad I met Lucy. I know it worked and I know she’s out there living her life. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” Katie told the BBC. With their story, Lucy, Cenydd and Katie want to show that “there is always hope for people” and that you can’t give up even when the situation seems hopeless.

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The US actress and singer Selena Gomez also has a transplanted kidney. She named the foreign organ after a comedian. (tt)


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