Does Camila Cabello get to be the modern ‘Cinderella’ we needed?


Without prince charming and with the dream of being an independent woman. This is the Cinderella from Camila Cabello. The singer stars in the new adaptation of the classic that pretends to be the 21st century version of this character created in the 17th century. Gets it? That is the question.

Camila Cabello stars the latest adaptation of Cinderella, a new opportunity to discover a literary classic that it sounds like a protest film. It is?

We are facing a fairy tale that has many versions but, the one that has reached us the most, without a doubt, has been the one written by Charles Perrault, one of those immovable classics in the history of literature, which reached its highest point with the animated adaptation of Disney. That is why, each time, a new incarnation of the character comes out, it has such a magnetic appeal that it makes it impossible for us to ignore it.

Cinderella from Disney, released in 1950, is the main responsible for the image that we still have of the princesses, an image in which other Disney characters such as Snow White O The little Mermaid. But we must not forget that the origin of these characters is in the world of letters.

Cinderella, actually, was born to Charles Perrault in 1697. The French writer is also the one who brought us the best-known stories of Thumb, Blue Beard, Sleeping Beauty O red Riding Hood, among many other fantasy stories.

It is evident that the Disney version is the best known, but there are other films that have also penetrated deeply into the imagination of society. For example, adaptation directed by Kenneth Branagh starring Lily James or the one who played Anne Hathaway (although this was a much freer version). He continues it with other names like Selena Gomez, that played a Cinderella very decaf in the movie A modern Cinderella.

Anne Hathaway stars in a film rewrite of ‘Cinderella’ // Promotional poster

Will the movie starring Camila Cabello as remembered as the first or will it be a version more in the style of the unfortunate of Selena Gomez?

What is Camila Cabello’s ‘Cinderella’ like?

Camila Cabello do not search in this Cinderella a prince charming, but to achieve his dream and become the owner of his own fashion store. Cinderella wants independence on all four sides, leaving in the background everything related to the desired prince we were used to.

Your version of Cinderella seeks to fit and seduce the new generations, away from stereotypes more archaic (and stale) of the previous versions. That of female fragility and the search for love is over. In addition, all the characters exude shades of gray, especially the stepmother (Idina Menzel), who is not as bad as she seems.

The fairy godmother also surprises in this new look offered by Kay Cannon, the director of the film, played here by the singer and actor Billy Porter. The pity is that the film raises twists and turns but does not delve into them, offering only a first glimpse of the revolution that it initially promised.

Like others new film adaptations seeks to escape the classic black and white to get out of comfort and find the nuances in between. Unfortunately, this version does not succeed and, just digs into the superficiality of some characters that could have given much more of themselves.

Other similar proposals, such as Cruella O malefic, They get it in the construction of their protagonists, but the director Kay Cannon is far from getting it with the bad guys of Cinderella. Not even the presence of Pierce Brosnan save the movie, where the only light that shines is that of Camilla Cabello. His face and his musical charisma are the only claims to see the umpteenth reincarnation of the classic.

Final score: 4/10


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