Documentary.. the first to develop video games in the world (photos)

Documentary.. the first to develop video games in the world (photos)

The documentary channel highlighted the first person to develop video game consoles, through its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”.

The documentary channel publishes many purposeful videos and pictures that develop the mind and increase important information for its followers.

Video game consoles

The first to develop video games in the world

And the official page of the documentary channel published a set of pictures of the development of video game consoles.

And the page mentioned to the documentary channel: “Jerry Lawson is the first to develop video game devices by placing a computer processor in it, and the idea of ​​​​advanced games began.”

And she continued: “And he also created replaceable “video game tapes”, instead of games stored inside the device.

Video game consoles

The development of video games in the world

Video games have evolved a lot over the years, especially with the amazing technological advances that have been evident in the recent period.

The beginning was when it came to video games through TVs at home, connecting the video to TVs directly and waiting for it to work, and there are many games associated with the communication of generations.

Video game consoles

After that, the transition to PCs began, which is related to computers at home, and requires more memory on the hard disk.

This amazing development has reached smartphone devices, which are now in everyone’s hands, and through which you can easily download hundreds of games and applications.

And every day new technologies are being launched in games and applications, and this is thanks to the amazing technological progress over the years.

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Video game consoles

Documentary channel frequency

The Documentary Channel, affiliated to the United Media Services Company, broadcasts on frequency 12303, encoding rate 27500, polarization: horizontal / H.


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