Do you have diabetes and want to exercise? Follow these tips

The diabetes is one of the great evils that afflict the world population, since it estimates that every hour 450 people in the world die from diabetes and said deaths they could multiply by 2030 if primary prevention is not started.

Within the framework of World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated every year on November 14, it is important to note that this disease directly affects blood glucose levels, which are very high, with insulin being the only substance that helps control them.

It should be noted that there are two types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, the first being the most serious which is when the body does not produce any insulin, in the case of diabetes type 2, which is the most common, the body’s insulin may not be used or produced correctly.

Although many people can suffer from diabetes, there are different methods for its treatment, among which are the injection of direct insulin and also the realization of physical activities.

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Exercising with diabetes

The beneficial role of exercise on diabetes is widely recognized, being considered together with medication and diet part of the treatment of both diabetes Type 1 like the type 2 and for this reason it should be prescribed and promoted as it is done in the general population.

But these effects will depend on the type of diabetes, such as the type and dose of insulin or drug administered, blood glucose levels prior to exercise. presence of complications and intensity, duration Y type of exercises.

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Resistance exercise is indicated for patients with type two diabetes, more than aerobic exercise.
When performing this type of exercise with patients with diabetes, the use of machines is recommended more than with free weights, although they can also be some utility.

The frequency of training in a gym for people with diabetes is recommended two to three times a week, in the case of adults it is recommended to do it once or twice a week, with a maximum of 40 minutes per session.

The breaks for the main muscle groups worked in people with diabetes are recommended 48 to 72 hoursAs for the series, it is recommended that they be from two to four, with a total of eight and up to 12 reps, with two to three minutes between sets.

At first you must driver light to moderate weights, and then more intense over time, after a few weeks.

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