DNCD seizes 182 packages of cocaine in Barahona

The National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) seized 182 packages of presumably cocaine, in a monitoring and interdiction operation carried out in the province of Barahona.

The operation was carried out under the coordination of the Public Ministry and supported by intelligence agencies.

The DNCD teams, responding to reports, pursued and arrested several people who were moving in three vehicles on the street “The Viper” of the Municipal District of Los Patos, in the aforementioned demarcation.

The unscrupulous were taken to the Barahona Prosecutor’s Office, where, in the presence of assistant prosecutors, they proceeded to search the vehicles found, distributed and bound in a van type minibus, plate I-078415 (126 packs)

Meanwhile, on a Ford Runner SUV, license plate G-538576 (50 packs), while on a Hyundai car, plate A-906562, other six, for a total of 182 packages of the substance.

In the operation, three men were apprehended and the persecution of other members of this drug trafficking structure is activated, while the MP and Drug Control advance in the investigation of this case.

“The detainees were also seized, six cell phones, personal documents and other evidence, while it is expected that coercion measures will be known in the next few hours,” says the press release.

The 182 packages were sent under chain of custody to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) to determine in laboratory studies, the type and weight of the substance.


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