DJI video camera DJI POCKET 2 has arrived! ! [2023.08.26発行]|Recycle shop Treasure Factory Yokohama Aoba store

DJI video camera DJI POCKET 2 has arrived!  ! [2023.08.26発行]|Recycle shop Treasure Factory Yokohama Aoba store

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Convenient access from Setagaya Ward and Yokohama

A large recycle shop along Route 246,

treasure factoryYokohama Aoba storeis!


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Here are the products we are introducing today!

DJI Video Camera DJI POCKET 2】 

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Brand: DJI

Item: Camcorder DJI POCKET 2

Model number: OT-210

Serial number: 3PY5K8X00AP02B

Degree: B

Remarks: SDHC card compatible, 4K compatible, 64 million pixels

Inquiry number: 1014008989242

Over-the-counter sales price: 33,880 yen (tax included)

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At our shop, you can also use light truck 1 hour free rental and delivery service.

When purchasing large furniture, home appliances, etc., please use the one-hour free light truck rental and delivery service.

Light truck 1 hour free rental is a service limited to people in the area who can come back from the store in 1 hour!

With our delivery service, you can save on shipping costs by purchasing items in bulk!

The delivery area varies depending on the store, so please contact the store staff.

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☆Treasure Factory Yokohama Aoba☆

☆Treasure factory☆

☆Yokohama aoba☆

☆second hand shop☆

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<住所 address>

424-3 Edacho, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 2F

424-3 2F eda-cho, aoba ward,

yokohama city,kanagawa prefecture

Opening Open: 11:00

Closed: 21:00

※Purchase reception19:00to

If you are coming from the direction of Atsugi on Route 246, turn right.

If you are coming from Shibuya, you will see it on your left.

big green buildingis the landmark!


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