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Big runoff day today in the Rhein-Main area: In addition to two mayoral elections, there is also a district runoff election in the Offenbach district.

Oliver Quilling from the CDU just missed the victory in the first round of elections – he got 49.6 percent of the vote. “Sure, that’s a shame, but I’ll be able to campaign two weeks longer,” Quilling told our local reporter at the time. The incumbent is considered a big runoff favorite because of the narrowly missed absolute majority.

District election: Quilling big favorite

His opponent, SPD candidate Carsten Müller, is facing Quilling for the third time. He says with a smile: “Now I want to win too.” Carsten Müller came up with 27.6 percent in the first attempt. Green man Robert Müller retired two weeks ago with 22.8 percent. The turnout was 66.8 percent.

One more cross in Neu-Isenburg

In Neu-Isenburg there is also another cross for the mayor: There is a runoff election between CDU man Stefan Schmitt and Dirk Gene Hagelstein from the SPD. On September 26th, Schmitt got 39.1 percent of the vote and Hagelstein 20.7 percent.

Bad Orb: Who will be the town hall chief?

In Bad Orb, too, there is another ballot box: CDU candidate Tobias Weisbecker and the incumbent mayor Roland Weiß are up for election. Weisbecker won 46.4 percent of the vote two weeks ago, White 24.8 percent. Ralf Meinerzag from the Greens (16.2 percent) and Nicolai Rhein (13.1 percent) are not in the runoff election.



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