Distance between directors of America and Atlas, the cost of the protest

Sources within the Atlas indicated that talks by players like Renato Ibarra will stop

The three points won at the table They will come with a price for the Atlas. Sources close to the red and black directive are clear that the relationship between Grupo Orlegi and the leadership of the Águilas del América has suffered a distance with this situation.

According to these same sources consulted by ESPN, Negotiations that in the short term the red and black leadership was going to enter into with America, would be cut short.

To cite an example, Atlas must consult the Eagles about the possibility of staying with Renato Ibarra once his loan ends at the end of Guardianes 2021, and now it is practically a fact that the Ecuadorian will not have a chance to continue with the Foxes.

Although the sports performance of the South American winger has not been that of his best version, in Atlas there is interest in seeking some negotiation to extend his tenure with the Foxes, although now in the sports intelligence department of the Guadalajara, they see this scenario far away.

Just a few weeks ago, Grupo Orlegi and the Americanist leadership had closed the transfer of Andrés Ibargüen to Santos, and now they are living this estrangement.

Angle itself will be suspended

Not all is good news for Atlas, after having won all three points against America at the table. Jesús Angulo, who was sent off in the 27th minute of the game between Zorros and Águilas, will maintain the suspension, so he will not be able to travel to Toluca to face the Red Devils on Saturday and Diego Cocca is again forced to modify his line-up.

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The people of Guadalajara occupy eleventh place in the general table, but as long as they do not leave the last place in the quotient table, their chances of playing Final Phase are non-existent, according to regulations.


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