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On the morning of this Sunday, through a statement, the National Army confirmed that it was kidnaped Second Lieutenant Cristián Sebastián Calderón Jaimes, 23, assigned to the Engineer Battalion No. 3 Agustín Codazzi, where he works as a civil engineer.

Sources from the military institution indicated that Calderón was in civilian clothes, “carrying out social work in support of the communities. He is an administrative officer dedicated to developing plans for the benefit of peasants who reside in remote places,” he said.

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According to the Army, the second lieutenant was kidnapped by the dissidents that commit crimes in the area, at a time when Calderón was traveling with two officials from the Mayor’s Office of Seville (Valle) and two leaders from the region.

“Upon their return after completing the technical studies and road infrastructure for the construction of roads, in the San Antonio sector they were detained by those who would be members of the residual organized armed group company ‘Adán Izquierdo’,” says the Army in its communication.

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Officials say that the armed men asked them to identify themselves. They also checked their cell phones. It is at that moment when they realize that the engineer, who was in civilian clothes, was a member of the Army and they kidnap him.

The rest of the people who were with the young man were released and they were the ones who reported the kidnapping, registered this Saturday, September 4, at around six in the afternoon.

“Immediately the competent authorities were informed, initiating a plan of
search and deploying a complete device to locate the second lieutenant, “says Army.

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The source consulted by this newspaper highlighted that the search for the uniformed man is carried out by land, with troops from the Army’s Third Division, and by air, with the support of the Army Plane and the Air Force.

The officer’s family has had support and accompaniment from the military institution, and it is emphasized that the fact that the officer has been kidnapped while in civilian clothes, unarmed “in a total state of defenselessness is an act that violates the precepts of International Humanitarian Law.” , assured the source.

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