Discharged Karolev from “Pirogov”, moved to another hospital – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA News

NOVA learned this

The economist Vladimir Karolev will be discharged from NI Pirogov University Hospital and transferred to another hospital, NOVA has learned.

“There is no change in the condition of Mr. Vladimir Karolev, who is still in a coma,” confirmed Prof. Dr. Nikolai Gabrovski, head of the clinic of neurosurgery at UMHAT “NI Pirogov”.

Mr. Karolev is in a stationary state. He reacts to external stimuli, but his condition requires supportive care and he will have months of recovery. Next week Mr. Karolev will be discharged from NI Pirogov University Hospital. to go to another medical institution, chosen by his family, for rehabilitation “, added the medical institution.

A multidisciplinary team of UMHAT “NI Pirogov” made great efforts, which led to the stabilization of the condition of Mr. Karolev after an incident on May 8, 2021 in the mountains.


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