Dirty wax and borrowed boards

The discoveries of the new wave are always exciting and you never know what to expect, which gives room for imagination with doubts. The bet paid off and we watched the perfect line-up with no cats, but the surfboards never reached their destination … Our host was kind enough to open his garage and dust the boys some old boards. Imagine a rally driver borrowing a car that has been in a garage for years and has an old gaz, handled by Marc Lacomare and Benjamin Sanchis. When their equipment arrived, the swelling had subsided, offering a couple of sessions on the fun little left, followed by good times, hanging out and sipping beer on the main square of the fishing village. Producers Benjamin Sanchis and Marc Lacomare Supported by Monster and www.nixon.com In the film Alex Laurel Edited by Gustavo Imigrante Music by Young Tapz feat. Tyrun P. and Nicole Davey “A Place Like This” Filmed with Sony F55


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