Dijon mayor François Rebsamen attacks his own party and arouses controversy

In an interview with Liberation, François Rebsamen qualifies the PS as a “sectarian party” and announces his resignation from the presidency of the FNSER, the National Federation of Socialist and Republican elected officials. Above all, he asks for a debate on the nomination of the candidate for the presidential election.

The time of François Rebsamen, a strong man of the PS, is long gone … the one that certain militants designated as “the party cop”, the national secretary of the federations who knew the geography of the Socialist Party like his pocket and the opinions of almost each of the 140,000 activists of the great era.
Today, the party has only 21,860 members who took the trouble to vote before the Congress of Villeurbanne scheduled for September 18 and 19 and François Rebsamen, him, is part of the “minority” facing the leadership led by Olivier Faure.

Minority not to say opposition … because, in an interview with Liberation (paid article) https://www.liberation.fr/politique/elections/francois-rebsamen-le-ps-est-un-parti-sectaire-20210916_4ADNKMFTSFGHRA6YECZUJNZS2Q/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter&xtor=CS7-51-#Echobox=1631808820, François Rebsamen does not mince his words, pointing to his “strategic disagreement with the orientations of First Secretary Olivier Faure” who would have opted for “erasure” in order to keep the PS alive after the 2017 defeat but who would not have obtained than the reverse. He insisted, indignantly that the leadership of the PS spoke of a “rebirth” while the party has still lost almost half of the voters in the space of 3 years. “There is no questioning,” he assures, adding “today, the PS is a sectarian party, a party where we can no longer debate while historically it is all. inverse ”.

Close the ban …

And François Rebsamen decided, by the same, to put an end to the presidency of the National Federation of Socialist and Republican Elected Officials (FNSER); he made public his letter of resignation this Friday, September 17, 2021.

The Côte-d’Or activists behind François Rebsamen

If he can count on support, it is of course the activists of his department that François Rebsamen can go to look for… like the Prime Federal Michel Neugnot: “He (François Rebsamen editor’s note) makes an observation which is real” , explaining that there would be no more debate within the PS and that all decisions are taken by the management without consultation. And to quote the dubbing of Anne Hidalgo as the party’s candidate for the presidential election. And to be indignant: “a candidate dubbed by the PS who does not come to the congress!” “Côte-d’Or activists were convinced by their local” leaders “: more than 86.5% voted for Hélène Geoffroy (mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin near Lyon), while at the national level, Olivier Faure was easily re-elected with 72.28% of the vote.

… Not those of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

But the Côte-d’Oriens are the only ones not to have voted for the majority line. All the other activists of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, even few in number, chose the line carried by the outgoing and re-elected First Secretary. The debate demanded to nominate the candidate for the presidential election is not won! But Michel Neugnot wants to believe it: “We will fight for there to be this debate between Anne Hidalgo and Stéphane Le Foll”, the mayor of Le Mans being the ideal candidate for this minority line.

This makes some socialists in the region smile who, on condition of anonymity, mock the exit of François Rebsamen as being proof of a strategy born only in a “spirit of revenge”.

The socialist senator of Saône-et-Loire Jérôme Durain wants to be more measured, while disapproving: “I do not see where it leads. We need to make people want; it is not by hitting each other that we will get there ”!

Moreover, he has already made his choice: it will be Arnaud Montebourg … who, let us remember, is no longer a socialist but a candidate all the same in the presidential election.
And Jérôme Durain is not the only one to support the former president of the General Council of Saône-et-Loire: the PS federations of Saône-et-Loire, Nièvre and Jura have been won over to him … not to mention some elected officials from Haute-Saône and Doubs, from a socialist source!

A rapprochement with Emmanuel Macron?

For some members of the PS in the region, the positions of François Rebsamen would only be further proof of his future support for the President of the Republic. One of them is ironic: “these are tensions of old Hollandism and neo-Macronism”.

The supporters of Emmanuel Macron in Côte-d’Or have fun while predicting: François Rebsamen will wait until the evening of the first round to officially support the Head of State; it will be “less risky”, with “political arguments more acceptable to his friends”.

To be continued …


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