Dianabel Gómez deleted her Instagram days before her arrest

The television presenter Dianabel Gomez, who is under arrest after the raids carried out by authorities in Santiago during Operation Falcón, deleted his Instagram account.

The Dominican model, who has been a trend on Twitter for two days, deleted a few days ago the network where she exceeded 500 thousand followers before the information came out that she would be involved in Operation Falcón, through which the Ministry Public dismantled an alleged money laundering and drug trafficking network.

The reasons she had for deleting her account are unknown, but among other comments, several celebrity pages suggest that she was supposedly pregnant, because she was photographed this Thursday covering her belly while being taken handcuffed to the Santiago Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, your account Twitter It is out of date since 2018. The profile of the aforementioned network says the following: “INTEGRITY !! Do the right thing even if no one is looking at you.” In this social network, she retweeted the photographs and comments of her ex-husband, the controversial sportscaster Franklin Mirabal.

Whereas in Facebook, account that is active, his last publication is from August 24, 2021.

After his divorce with the sports writer Franklin Mirabal, Gómez works as a figure of social networks; He placed advertising on Instagram for hair products, clothing sales and other businesses that requested his image. Of course, turning on the nets with her sexy swimsuits and other clothes that made her exuberant figure show off.

After the notorious sports divorce, Gómez attended multiple interviews as a guest, one of them in “More Roberto” on Telesistema, channel 11, on January 17, 2021, where she stated that she was a businesswoman and a member of the dealers association “Alex González Motors”.

This, by the way that it transpired that Mirabal had supposedly taken the car from him. Mercedes Benz that he gave her on national television during the program “Divertido con Jochy”.

Brief step in the media

Gomez was born on June 10, 1993, according to information posted on his Facebook profile. She is 28 years old and represented her province Santiago Rodríguez in the Miss Beauty Dominican Republic pageant. In addition, she was a model in the program “Here we speak Spanish.”

Although she came to work as a model on the show “Hit yourself and win with Pachá”, has not been on television again. She had very little participation as a presenter.

Undoubtedly, what made her known was her courtship and subsequent marriage with Franklin Mirabal in the so-called “Sports Wedding”, which a year later became the “Sports Divorce” for all the “dirty laundry” that aired the then husbands on social media and interviews.

In 2018 he participated in the film “Poor millionaires”, directed by Roberto Ángel Salcedo.

She is the mother of two children (ages 8 and 9), from a relationship prior to Mirabal.

Details of your arrest

“For knowing a person”Dianabel Gómez responded to journalists when she was taken to prison and was questioned for the reasons. The Public Ministry links her to a network of money laundering and drug trafficking, while she maintains that it is innocent.

The communicator spoke briefly with reporters while she was transferred handcuffed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Federico C. Álvarez Palace of Justice jail in Santiago, after meeting with her lawyer, Margarita Muñoz.

The lawyer said that she will refer to the case after the Public Ministry delivers the file with the accusation.

However, he announced that his client is linked to the case of Operation Falcón by his current sentimental partner.

He commented that Dianabel Gómez was unaware of the commercial activities of her partner, whose name she said she did not know and was in custody.

In a video that Diario Libre had access to, the ex-partner of Franklin Mirabal is observed walking handcuffed and escorted along with the other detainees: Juan José de la Cruz Morales, José Alejandro de la Cruz Morales, María Olimpia Tavárez, Lenin Bladimir Torres Bueno and Delfina Asunción Polanco, among others.

Within the framework of international cooperation against organized crime, the operations are carried out with the support of the Drug Control Administration (DEA) of the United States. Also with members of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD).


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